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Brian W. Bosenberg

Brian Bosenberg has been practicing landscape architecture for over 30 years and is always looking for solutions to design challenges in innovative ways. A licensed landscape architect in NJ, NY, PA, ME, VT and VA, Brian is able to develop solutions to complex design issues that utilize strong ecological principals as an underlying design tool. Working with native systems, many answers to complex projects become readily apparent. Traveling globally observing local cultural practices and relationships to nature has deeply influenced his design philosophy.

Early in his career, Brian worked in the construction industry learning to implement a wide variety of projects from a hands on perspective. Brian has a special ability to bring people of diverse backgrounds together. Through a team building approach, clients, contractors and project consultants work together to provide the greatest opportunity for a project to be successful from conception through completion.

Brian founded Bosenberg & Company Landscape Architects in 1989 with the idea that design and meeting client’s needs are important fundamentals for creating positive spaces. His work with a diverse group of residential, corporate, municipal and non-profit clients has enabled him and his firm to create a wide range of sustainable projects.

Brian is a frequent guest lecturer and has been a studio instructor at Rutgers University; he has a degree in Landscape Architecture magna cum laude from West Virginia University.