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    West Lake

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    This heavily wooded, extremely steep 6-acre site offered many exciting challenges. The existing structure was replaced with an art studio, and an inspirational garden was created to blend the studio with its surroundings.

    A pool was tucked into an existing rock ledge, and new boulders were incorporated into the design, enhancing existing rock ledge. The pool was ‘flooded’ so the water level resided just under the rock coping creating a pond like feel. A small bluestone patio allows for poolside sunning, and large flat boulders were used at the pool edge for additional seating. A set of steps meanders up the slope along a waterfall, past a spa and through the woods to the residence. A quiet arbor retreat at the far end of the garden anchors the view from the studio utilizing the lush woodland as its backdrop and allowing a space to contemplate the garden. A deck floats among the trees below the pool platform transitioning from the hardscape the pool into the surrounding woodland. The hillside is covered with a variety of plant material, and a woodland path circulates throughout. Although a spacious site, the design was contained to less than ½ an acre, preserving the existing trees, rock ledges and even a fence post as memory of the farm life that once existed here. The history of the place was embraced and extended, resulting in a garden retreat certain to inspire.

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    Project Team

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    Project Features

    • Cabana
    • Ironwork
    • Masonry
    • Outdoor Furniture
    • Perennials
    • Stone Walls
    • Swimming Pool
    • Trellis/Arbor
    • Water Features
    • Waterfall